Swertres Result October 30 2021

SWERTRES RESULT Lotto October 30 2021 Today, The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office releases official 3D Swertres result October 30, 2021

Here is the latest Swertres result today:

2PM: 9-5-9

5PM: —

9PM: —

Please visit the Swertres result history page for the vision previous results or drop your Swertres hearing and resonse in the comment box below.

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This 3D lotto result for Sunday, October 30, 2021 is upgraded today after each live draw.

You can also obseerve Swertres draws at the official PCSO Facebook page and Youtube channel.

PCSO conducts Swertres draws everyday at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm except during large holidays.

Visit this website page for more Swertres Result and 3D Result updates.

Principal Reminders from PCSO

Only aged person can play Swertres Lotto like above 20 years old.

Players are responsible for checking the accuracy of the data printed in their tickets.

This is the responsibility of a player that can checked data printed on ticket is accurate.

Price of Swertres ticket is Php 19 .00 per combination, inclusive of DST.

The Swertres results on this page were issued on October 30, 2021. Visit PCSO Lotto Results for connected lotto updates and tips.

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